Weeny Free PDF Password Remover

Weeny Free PDF Password Remover 2.0

Remove restrictions and passwords from PDF documents

Weeny Free PDF Password Remover is a small utility that can remove any kind of restrictions and passwords to batches of PDF documents. Frankly, from its name, I inferred that the tool could actually crack encrypted PDFs, but it cannot. Thus, it works only if you know the password originally used to protect the document.

The program does a very simple thing, and its operation is just as uncomplicated as well. You just need to create a list of files you need to unprotect. Then, the utility asks you to provide the password. Luckily, you can use a different password for each file; yet, it is not possible to tell the program to use the same password for all the documents on the list. It is also necessary to choose a target location for the unprotected copies of your files. Please, notice that the original files are not modified in any way, which is a good thing.

It seems unnecessary that the program requires to enter a password when you import an unprotected document. Actually, when you check the password info of such files, you realize that the program can effectively verify the absence of restrictions. In this regard, it would be much better if Weeny Free PDF Password Remover could alert the user about the meaninglessness of trying to remove a password from an unprotected PDF.

In all, Weeny Free PDF Password Remover has the advantage of being light and not requiring a PDF reader or printer installed on your machine. However, I do not see the point of using such tool when you can use a free PDF editor to remove protection and do many other things, except perhaps for the possibility of working with PDF batches.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports working with batches of files
  • Allows using different passwords for each file
  • Doesn't overwrite the original document
  • Doesn't require any additional software


  • Can't retrieve lost passwords
  • Doesn't alert about importing unprotected documents
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